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Tajai & Dwayne


From the moment we came across Elite Media Concepts website we were  HUGE FANS! We would check back every so often looking for a flaw or one wrong video but that NEVER happened. We knew that we had to have them shoot our wedding. So, approximately a year before we said “I DO”, I send an email inquiring about pricing. We received a response in a day. They are AWESOME at responding to emails. (No Island Time Here lol) The deposit was paid and things were in motion. Before the wedding, the team had us fill out information that pertains to the wedding. We did not really expect them to read everything we wrote, but boy were we wrong.
Edward made an appointment to meet with us when we arrived in Jamaica, just to introduce himself and give us an idea of how the wedding day would go. He was on time! (thumbs up) and extremely personable! He was just as excited as us and wanted to know all the details about the little tid bits and stories we wrote on the questionnaire. We chatted like we knew each other for years!
The day of the wedding, Edward and his assistant were on time AGAIN and they got right to work!

They blended in with the background and created MAGIC! They had us laughing and joking! It was as if the camera wasn't there! Just a new friend that's helping us get ready for one of the biggest days of our lives.

About a month after the wedding, SURPRISE the highlight video is done and posted for our family and friends to see! The video is absolutely AMAZING! It’s sooooo much more than what we expected! I am completely thrilled and satisfied with the service and ending product! You guys are AWESOME!!! We can’t thank you enough for capturing a moment in time that would have otherwise been a memory. We wish we could have a second wedding just so this team can create something this beautiful for us again!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You a million times! You guys are truly the BEST!
Now we just have to get you to do some weddings in New Jersey so the brides and grooms here can have a video as beautiful as ours!
Your Favorite December 8th Couple 🙂
Tajai & Dwayne
(“Okay, Can you do it one more time?!”-Edward lol)
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