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Natasha & William

NatahIIIIsaTo all the brides and grooms-to-be who are on the fence about getting a videographer: DO IT and use¬†Elite Media Concepts. You won’t regret it and I’ll tell you why:

With my now husband’s mother unable to attend our wedding in Jamaica, we wanted something that we could give to her to make her feel as much as possible like she was there. While photos are an invaluable investment and a priceless souvenir to display around your home, nothing compares to hearing the words and laughter from your wedding day and seeing your guests in action. No matter how conscious an effort you make to stop and enjoy the day and savour every moment, I promise you it will pass too quickly and be over before you know it. Having a video by Elite makes it possible to relive those moments time and time again – not to mention the ones you didn’t get to see first hand like your groom (or bride) getting ready and your guests’s reactions and emotions throughout the day.

We hadn't originally budgeted for video because so many people that I spoke to from home who had done the wedding video thing said they'd either never watched their video or had watched it once. They said if they did it again, they would skip the expense of a videographer all together. They obviously did not have a company like Elite Media film their wedding.

When we first watched the videos on Elite’s website, I was blown away by the quality but thoughts like “those people are way more energetic, beautiful, made for camera, celebrity looking, outgoing, etc.” crossed my mind and I thought there was no way we would get a video like that. It’s a big expense that we thought long and hard about, always going back and forth about whether we should do it or not and I’m SO glad we did – not only because we have something for my husband’s mum but we now have something that we can watch that takes us right back to the day. The emotions, personalities and setting of the day were captured and assembled so perfectly that I’ve probably watched our video more than 20 times in the 4 weeks we’ve had it – and that’s only the Wedding Highlights! We are still waiting on our full video and I can only imagine what it’s going to be like. The option of getting a highlights video (about 4-5 mins) also makes it much easier to share your special day with people who may not have been able to attend but who also don’t really want to watch a standard hour long video either.

There are so many things to plan and pay for with a destination (or local) wedding and with all of the organising you are doing, I’m sure your weddings will be absolutely beautiful. If you are at all like me, there’s quite a big build up to the big day and some pressure to have it all perfect (whether it’s self-imposed or not) but when you get back home, you’ll miss all the anticipation and preparation. Having a video by Elite Media (a couple of months after you get home) will instantly take you back to Jamaica anytime you want and let you relive one of the happiest days of your life so far – and you might even get a new favorite song out of it as a bonus like I did!!

Best of luck with all of your planning. I wish you all a beautiful of wedding and even more importantly, a beautiful marriage and I hope this helps if you are trying to decide whether to hire a videographer for your big day or not. You won’t regret it if you do and use Elite Media! Here is a link to their site if you want to see for yourself –¬†https://elitemediaconcepts.com/blog/

PS. I am in no way affiliated with Elite Media – just a happy bride who doesn’t want any of you to miss out on a priceless souvenir from your big day.


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