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EMC investing heavily in lighting up our bride’s life

Team EMC investing heavily in lighting up bride’s lifeIMG_1541Eight years ago we decided to add lighting to our menu of services as we found that good lighting is not only functional, decorative and creates ambiance but it also enhances our videos. Making our brides happy has also been our ultimate goal. (Happy bride … happy life right?) And we pride ourselves in delivering the best service to each bride. Consequently we invest in the best equipment in the industry to create the perfect lighting designs for our brides. We hooked up with lighting expert, Vinny, from Sound and Lighting Solutions in Fort Lauderdale to chose the perfect lights for our brides.Things we considered:


It was important for us to obtain lights that could transform any venue and to create a “wow” factor when our brides’ guests enter the reception area. We did not just chose normal DJ lights. We chose chauvets, professional stage lights. These lights are powerful enough to illuminate a 50ft palm tree.


Guests tripping over wires is a no-no for us. Visible lighting wires competing with our brides décor is another no-no for us. Our belief is that our lighting must not only be amazing but it must also look natural. We decided to invest in wireless battery operated up lights. It meant digging deeper into our pockets and being placed on a waiting list but they were well worth the wait. This means our lights can be placed anywhere, under tables, and hard to reach areas to created the desired effect.


We ensured all the lights we purchased are flicker free. This ensures that our video quality is unaffected by flickering lights.

We also got some toys to enhance our brides wedding experience. Don’t worry these are the kinds of toys mommy and daddy can see. 

Vinny made us spend more than what was budgeted for as he gave us the best lights on the market to create an ambiance our brides and their guests will talk about for years to come.

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EMC Turns up the Heat at Rose Hall Great House


EMC Turns up the Heat at Rose Hall Great House

Oniesha, the wedding coordinator at Rose Hall Developments Jamaica, called us excited to ask if we wanted to be a part of their press release mixer for the White Witch movie. Without hesitation we accepted… Being huge film-makers ourselves 🙂

we knew that Jeffrey Reddick, the writer of Final Destination, would be so disappointed if he came to Jamaica and did not meet us. 🙂

Oniesha and envisioning the mood she wanted to create, we offered our Video Dj and Lighting services.

Upon arrival we observed that Tai Flora would be doing decor. Understandably, our excitement grew as they always deliver phenomenal, fresh and “out-of-the-box” work.
We were greeted by the vice president of Rose Hall Developments, Michael Rollins. He wanted to choose the colors to light the house. Hmm…. but at 2pm, the peak of afternoon? We took the lights indoors and gave him the opportunity to pick his colors.

Oneisha opted for the tent to have a cozy feel and requested a soft, clean look. So we decided to go with 4 uplights to compliment Tai Flora’s beautiful chandeliers.

Since this was not a party and more of a cocktail event, EMC provided ambient music so that the guests could mingle and also be entertained by our television screens as we video Dj’d.

After the formalities, Jeffrey Reddick could not wait to come over and meet Edward, president for EMC, or was it the other way around. 🙂

Everyone got their groove on and Oniesha gave us the “job-well-done” look.

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